Odds to Record the Most Interceptions in 2022 NFL Season – Trevon Diggs Favored Over Howard, Jackson

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Trevon Diggs is favored to once again lead the NFL in interceptions in 2022
Diggs racked up 11 picks last season, three more than anyone else
Read below for odds and analysis who’s likely to record the most interceptions this season

Racking up tons of interceptions is a skill, but not necessarily a trait that most elite defensive backs possess. The best shut down DBs rarely boast eye-popping INT numbers. Jalen Ramsey for example, arguably the best cover corner the league has seen over the past handful of years, has never had more than four interceptions in a season.

This is the case for a variety of reasons. Shut down defensive backs aren’t necessarily ball hawks for one, nor do they take unnecessary risks that could either result in a pick, or six points for the other team. Most elite DB’s aren’t thrown at nearly as often as their fellow defensive backs, which limits the amount of opportunities they get for interceptions.

All of these factors need to be considered when selecting a candidate to record the most INTs in 2022. Last year’s leader Trevon Diggs is the favorite, but as we’ll explore, he’s far from the top value.

2022 NFL Most Interception Odds


Trevon Diggs (DAL)

Xavien Howard (MIA)

J.C. Jackson (LAC)

Kevin Byard (TEN)

Justin Simmons (DEN)

Quandre Diggs (SEA)

Jalen Ramsey (LAR)

Patrick Surtain II (DEN)

Jaire Alexander (GB)

Micah Hyde (BUF)

Marshon Lattimore (NO)

Amani Oruwariye (DET)

Marcus Peters (BAL)

Rasul Douglas (GB)

Derwin James (LAC)

Xavier McKinney (NYG)

Jordan Poyer (BUF)

Darius Slay (PHI)

Tre’Davious White (BUF)

Budda Baker (ARI)

Odds as of July 14th at BarstoolSportsbook

Diggs opened with +600 odds to win this category, which is just one of the many NFL future bets available currently at online sportsbooks. The Cowboys corner racked up 11 picks last season which was the most since Everson Walls in 1981.


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The NFL leader in picks has recorded double-digit interceptions just twice over the past 14 seasons, with the average winning tally since 2010 sitting at eight INT per year.

Don’t Expect Diggs to Repeat

Diggs’ 11 INT sophomore season literally came out of nowhere. It was eight more picks than he had in his rookie season, after recording only four interceptions total in four years at Alabama.

He was able to accumulate so many because opposing quarterbacks loved throwing in his direction. Diggs graded out 80th in coverage among defensive backs last season per Pro Football Focus, allowing a 56.4% completion rate, five touchdowns, and over 1,000 receiving yards.

“Trevon Diggs gave up 1000 yards”this alone is 200 yards of miscommunication and terrible tackling ? pic.twitter.com/RYeGoKDwfa

— ????•????✭ (@6Blackhawks) July 10, 2022

We should expect plenty of volume in his direction again this season, as Dallas projects to be a strong team, meaning opponents are going to need to throw against them often to keep pace. The Cowboys’ have the third best NFL playoff odds in the NFC, behind only Tampa Bay and Green Bay.

Expecting him to repeat however, is a tough ask. No player has led the league in INT’s in back-to-back seasons since Walls in 1981 and 82. As mentioned, Diggs doesn’t have a history of elite interception numbers, and the fact that he grades out so poorly n coverage has me thinking he’s more likely to be a one-hit wonder than a multiple time double-digit INT producer.

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Jackson a Value Up Top

If betting the top of the board, look no further than the Chargers JC Jackson. He’s recorded at least five picks in three straight seasons, racking up 17 over the last two years.

Unlike Diggs, he’s much better in coverage, ranking ninth last season, allowing just over 700 yards to enemy wideouts. There should be no shortage of volume either, as LAC is one of the top-eight Super Bowl contenders, and faces a daunting schedule next season.


— PFF (@PFF) November 7, 2021

The Chargers have the ninth most difficult set of opponents in the NFL strength of schedule, and play in arguably the league’s toughest division. Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson and Derek Carr are going to be dropping back early and often against Jackson and the Chargers, giving him plenty of opportunities to rack up picks.

Dont’ Sleep on Douglas

Finally, don’t overlook what Rasul Douglas did last season in Green Bay. After being cut from Arizona, the 26-year-old joined the Packers and made one big play after another. He picked off five passes, returning two for touchdowns, while deflecting 13 others.

Rasul Douglas should go down as one of the best mid-season signings ever…pic.twitter.com/JkJjaor7n8

— Eli Berkovits (@BookOfEli_NFL) July 10, 2022

He plays inside in Joe Barry’s scheme, and is flanked outside by Eric Stokes and Jaire Alexander, arguably the best corner duo in the league. That should funnel targets inside to Douglas giving him plenty of opportunities for more picks.

He racked up eight of them in his final year of college at West Virginia in only 13 games, and he’s definitely a threat to reach double-digits this season.

Picks: JC Jackson (+1000), Rasul Douglas (+2500)




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